10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Home Security

At XL Security & Screens, we prioritise the safety of your home and loved ones. With that in mind, we present our top 10 tips to bolster your home security before the summer heat takes hold:

  1. Utilise key-operated locks for doors and windows, avoiding common hiding spots like doormats. Let’s make it challenging for intruders to access your property.
  2. Elevate your home security by installing intruder-resistant security screens on all windows and doors. Embrace the protection Crimsafe offers during the summer crime season.
  3. Leave no room for privacy for potential burglars. Trim plants around entry points, ensuring clear visibility. Supplement this with the installation of sensor lights or closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for added surveillance.
  4. Create the illusion of an occupied home, even when you’re away. Keep a light or two on and let the sound of a radio or television fill the air.
  5. Regularly inspect and maintain your alarm system to ensure its effectiveness. Frequent false alarms lead to complacency, rendering them ineffective.
  6. Avoid leaving cash and keys in plain sight. Opportunistic thieves thrive on easy targets, so let’s make it harder for them.
  7. Safeguard your valuable belongings by marking them with microdots or engravings. This diminishes their appeal to potential thieves and increases the likelihood of recovery.
  8. If you’re planning a vacation, employ strategies to create the impression of an occupied home. Set timers for lights to turn on and off, enlist a trusted neighbour to collect mail and tend to your bins, and arrange for regular lawn maintenance.
  9. If you’re going away for an extended period, inform your local police station of your absence. This proactive step allows them to keep a watchful eye on your property.
  10. In the event of an intruder in your home, prioritise your safety above all else. Immediately dial triple zero (000) to alert the authorities, vacate the premises, and seek refuge with a neighbour or in a secure location until the police arrive.

Your home and family’s security should never be compromised. By implementing these recommendations, you can enjoy the summer season with peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken essential steps to fortify your Gold Coast home.




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