Crimsafe Fire Attenuation - FSZ0668

XL Screens and Awnings Gold Coast can provide Crimsafe Fire Attenuation products to protect your home and business. 
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1. What is Fire Attenuation?

Fire attenuation is the reduction of radiant heat and spread of flame – Fire Attenuation is not the same as bushfire protection, fire rating or fire resistance.

2. When can I quote Crimsafe for a Fire Attenuation job?

A project that requires Fire Attenuation screens should have a Fire Safety Report (FSR) from a Fire Engineer or Certifier, that the Builder or Developer would provide to a Crimsafe Licensee at their request for a quotation. The FSR will specify what products can be used to protect the building from fire. If no FSR is provided to the Licensee when requested to submit a quote, then the job should not be quoted.

3. When is Fire Attenuation required?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires any openings within 3m of a fire source to be protected and any openings within 6m of another building on the same allotment to be protected. The amount of attenuation screening required depends on the transmitter and receiver buildings and each building will have a particular fire load depending upon its use.

4. Who can sign off on a Fire Attenuation job?

Crimsafe has been tested for fire attenuation and has achieved 45% attenuation (the CSIRO test report is available on request). However, it is not possible for a Crimsafe Licensee to provide a report, pro forma or certificate to cover fire attenuation. Each fire attenuation job needs to be individually assessed and a Fire Safety Report supplied. Final approval of the installation will be from the Building Certifier or the Fire authority of the state ie: Queensland Fire & Rescue.

5. Who can specify Crimsafe for Fire Attenuation?

Only a Fire Certifier or Fire Engineer can put Crimsafe forward as an “alternative solution” for use as a Fire Attenuation screen, based on the information from the CSIRO Test Report, their assessment of the building they are working on and the level of fire risk or potential risk around the building.

6. How are Fire Attenuation screens installed?

The installation of Fire Attenuation screens is different for every project and depends on the opening being covered, the building materials being used and the geographical location of the project. The Fire Safety Report provided by the Fire Engineer / Certifier that specifies where the screens can be used, will also outline how to install the screens. The Crimsafe Licensee must install the screens as per the exact specifications as the Fire Safety Report. If the installation method is impractical or unviable, an alternative is to be discussed with the Fire Engineer / Certifier and the installation only to be completed when changes are confirmed in writing.

7. Are there critical installation detail for Fire Attenuation screens?

All installation details for Fire Attenuation screens must be as per the Fire Safety Report provided by the Fire Engineer / Certifier. However, it is critical that the fixing screws of every screen, go through the frame, the stainless steel mesh, the screw clamp and then into the sub-frame or substrate. The fixing screws must go through the mesh so that in the event of a fire, if the aluminium frame melts away, the fixing screws will hold the mesh in place as long as possible.

8. Is there any paperwork required for Fire Attenuation?

Upon completion of the screen installation, the Building Certifier may require the Builder to provide specific documents for various parts of the overall building, in some states this may entail the Fire Attenuation screens. Each Licensee must discuss with the Builder or Developer about what they are signing and what ramifications it will mean to their business.

This specialised area requires specialised advice that we are happy to help you with. Why not give our office a call today on 07 5593 7900 or submit on online enquiry for advice on Crimsafe Fire Attenuation Products.


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