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At XL Security & Blinds Gold Coast we always take a comprehensive approach to your home or businesses security. The fact is, we can supply you with the best security doors available, but without window protection to match, your home is not as secure as it can be. So if you need crimsafe security screens on the Gold Coast, XL Screens can help.

That is why we proudly offer Crimsafe Security Screens in our range. These panels are non-moving and can be face-fitted, reveal-fitted using angled frames, or fitted in the flyscreen track of the window. 

As with all Crimsafe products, the unique Screw-ClampTM technology is used in every Crimsafe screen. To achieve this, a high grade tamper-resistant screw goes through a metal clamp and then through the Tensile-Tuff ® security mesh. This holds the 304 grade steel mesh in a vice-like grip so that Crimsafe products can survive almost any attack.

You can see how Crimsafe products can withstand impacts on our Crimsafe Testing page.

Many window-types can accomodate Fixed Window Panels including:

  • Sliding Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Louvres

Crimsafe’s Fixed Windows offer smaller frame sections to give greater strength, a slimline design and are custom built at our Gold Coast factory to offer a perfect fit. A wide range of colours are available to compliment your homes decor and Crimsafe window screens are guaranteed for 10 years against defects in materials under conditions of normal use for up to 10 years from the date of purchase.


What Makes Crimsafe Strong?

Crimsafe comes equipped with a patented Screw-Clamp technology that allows the mesh to be clamped down into the frame. This ensures the mesh doesn’t move and performs as intended due to the Crimsafe Screw-Clamp.

Being able to go with something as resolute as this is far better than comparable products that use plastic wedges.

For example, if the Crimsafe were to be hit, the frame would easily handle the blow due to the even spreading of force. This is what allows the Crimsafe to handle anything that comes its way compared to other types of systems. A plastic wedge is often seen on the open market and it tends to give away as soon as a person kicks it.

With this product, the mesh includes a robust 0.9mm diameter 304 structural grade wire strands for comprehensive performance every step of the way.

When it comes to the specifications for the mesh, these are simply pre-established target specifications. In general, the real-life specifications will vary depending on how the product is manufactured.

How Does the 304 Structural Grade Compare to the 316 Marine Grade Steel?

The Crimsafe is designed using a robust 0.9mm diameter stainless steel wire, which keeps everything together.

In comparison to the 0.8mm 316 wire, the Crimsafe 0.99m 304 mesh is far stronger and is measured at an additional 26.5 % thickness. This increases the ability to handle larger amounts of energy placed on the steel.

Stainless steel is aimed at providing complete security and that is what makes it such an empowering security screen. The idea is to maximise the amount of energy that is handled by the material, which is precisely what Crimsafe does. These security screens can withstand a significant amount of pressure even when attacked directly. This ensures they don’t break as soon as someone kicks or punches them.

According to studies done on the subject, Crimsafe screened are well-renowned for handling this type of pressure without breaking.

How Secure is the Tensile-Tuff Security Mesh by Crimsafe?

The security mesh is put through a number of engineering processes to make sure it is built tough. This includes using specific materials to secure the screen and ensure it does far better than the competition. The reason Crimsafe continues to be the go-to option for customers has to do with how well it does when under tension. In Australia, there are specific requirements in place and Crimsafe products meet up to those standards every step of the way. This includes tests such as jemmy testing, knife-shear testing, pull-testing, and more.

Can Crimsafe Allow Homeowners to Safely Exit During Emergencies?

In short, yes. When there is an emergency, homeowners can easily use the emergency exit window screens (Safe-S-Capes). The idea is to easily leave through the window without compromising the house’s security. The Safe-S-Cape was purposely designed to go along with the main product and will work with any type of window style.

How Does Crimsafe Regular Different From Crimsafe Ultimate?

Crimsafe Ultimate comes equipped with a long list of security features to make sure it is robust in all situations. It also has a far more aesthetically pleasing look. In comparison, Crimsafe Regular has fewer screws to hold the mesh into place (50 % less) and there is a specific cover in place to help keep these screws hidden. This is essential when t comes to ensuring the frame is as smooth as it needs to be and everything is as organised as intended. This can help keep intruders out. Crimsafe Regular is designed to handle impact better and is 5x stronger when compared to Australian standards, while Crimsafe Ultimate goes a step beyond at 7x stronger.

Is a Mid-Rail Required for Crimsafe Doors?

No, a mid-safe rail is not required for a Crimsafe door. It’s important to note, the average property owner is still recommended to invest in a mid-rail because it will add another layer of security to the door. This is essential when it comes to jemmying and it can also help with the aesthetic appealing of your screen.

Is the Crimsafe Sliding Door Easy to Remove When Locked?

As long as the Crimsafe Sliding Door is installed properly, it is not easy to remove it once locked.

Is it Easy to See Through the Crimsafe Mesh?

The aperture is measured at 1.5mm x 1.5mm making it easy to see through during the day.

Is it Safe to Use with Pets?

Yes, Crimsafe products are tested for use with birds, cats, and dogs. The mesh is not going to be penetrated by beaks or claws.

Will Crimsafe Keep Mosquitoes, Sand Flies, and Midges Out?

Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff mesh is designed to be larger than the average fullscreen. These insects are not going to find a way through the screen, which can help keep the home clean year-round.

Are There Other Colours Available?

No, and there is a reason for this. Crimsafe has been designed with a black mesh because it is ideal for absorbing light and doesn’t reflect either. This makes it an ideal option for homeowners that want to look through the mesh and don’t want to deal with sunlight causing reduced visibility.

Can Crimsafe Reduce Heat and Light Inside the Property?

This is going to vary depending on where the sunlight is coming from. In general, Crimsafe does work well in restricting light without blurring the view. When it comes to heat, the Crimsafe screen can cut almost half of the solar heat gain inside your property. This makes things far more efficient.

Is Crimsafe Ideal for Fire Protection?

Yes, Crimsafe can be used for fire protection and does meet all established Australian standards in this regard. Even when it comes to bushfires, Crimsafe is tested to handle that amount of heat.

When there is radiant heat coming into the property, Crimsafe can cut the heat by almost 45 %. This is what makes it an ideal solution for handling fires and keeping the property safe.

Does Crimsafe Work for Industrial or Commercial Properties?

Crimsafe has been tested on various sites and does well when it comes to heavy-duty or commercial properties. Whether this is a government office, bank, or prison, the mesh is going to hold up well as a commercial-grade solution. Since it has an additional number of screws, the mesh holds up well in all situations. The commercial-grade lineup also includes more reinforcements including having thicker frames.

When tested, Crimsafe measures to be at least 12x stronger than what is required by Australian law.

How Long does the Crimsafe Warranty Last?

Crimsafe offers a long-term warranty plan for all products, which includes 10-year coverage for the security systems and extended solutions 12 years (Crimsafe Regular) and 15 years (Crimsafe Ultimate and IQ)

Does Crimsafe Need To Be Cleaned?

The Tensile-Tuff mesh should be cleaned just like cleaning a filter for your HVAC system. It’s important to get rid of the toxins that settle into the system.

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