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At XL Security & Blinds we carry & supply a wide range of awnings in a variety of patterns and colours. With our selection, you can keep your outdoor space cool in style.

You want to enjoy the outdoors even when the Gold Coast’s temperatures rise. One of the best ways to keep cool outside in warm weather is through the use of awnings. Awnings do so much more than give you shade. When placed above your windows and doors, they can even lower your energy bills.

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Our awnings Gold Coast are perfect for protecting windows, doors, balconies, verandahs, patios and poolsides. 

The Gold Coast boasts wonderful temperatures year-round. If you want to enjoy the warmth that your area offers without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful UV rays, awnings are the perfect solution. These awnings attach to important areas of your home, such as doors, windows or patios, providing shade and keeping the sun’s warm rays where you want them. When placed above windows and doors, awnings can even lower your energy bills.

Call XL Security & Blinds when you’re in need of coverings to protect you and your property from the sun’s glare. We have decades of experience in the industry, and we understand exactly what it takes to make your property look good and help you feel comfortable outdoors.

Whatever your goals, know that we have the materials, patterns, colours and products you need to meet them. Not sure what you want to add to your home? 

Let us know.

  • We can recommend a colour scheme
  • material type and,
  • design that works well with your budget and meets your expectations.

Please give us a call if you have any additional questions or when you’re ready to purchase.

Our automatic awnings are equipped with self-locking arms and fixed guide rods and are perfect for ground-floor use. Many people choose our aluminium awnings because they can last for 20 years with minimal maintenance. Our fabric awnings protect your Gold Coast home from heat and sun while providing a stylish look.

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XL Security & Blinds offers awnings to homeowners throughout the Gold Coast region. We manufacture awnings to perfectly fit your outdoor space. Each of our awnings comes with a two-year warranty.

With our 50 years of experience, we can expertly install your preferred awning at a price you’ll love.

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Exterior or outdoor Awnings are made in a wide variety of functional designs, patterns and colours for two important reasons – to provide you with optimum shade and protection from the damaging rays of the sun and to enhance the appearance of your home by blending with its architectural design.

Whether you need a splash of colour or subtle protection for the sun you can’t go wrong in choosing outdoor awnings to offer shade, enhance design and keep your home cooler.


Aluminium is one of the most versatile and durable materials for building and construction, and is incredibly durable against corrosion and weathering. It also requires little maintenance. We offer two types of aluminium’s awnings:

Fixed Hood Awnings – constructed from tightly interlocked panels and concealed joins, Fixed Hood Awnings can be made to any width. They can also be fitted to turn corners and offer optional posts or arms for increased support.
Louvre Awnings – available in either a fixed or adjustable functionality, Louvre Awnings provide excellent protection from the elements. The adjustable Awning comes with a handle that opens and closes the panels to control airflow and light exposure, whereas the Fixed Louvre Awning is installed with either an open or closed design.

Folding Arm Awnings

Designed for sun protection and extend your outdoor living area. This awning is mounted directly onto your wall or under the eave; special brackets have been designed to accommodate this mounting. A weather box is an optional extra.

Full Cassette Folding Arm Awnings allows the fabric to be fully protected when rolled in.

These awnings can be extended or retracted by either a manual crank drive, or motorised – either way the awning can be fully extended or only partially extended.

Variable Pitch Arms are an optional extra which allows greater adjustment in both vertical and horizontal pitch. Care must be taken when winding the variable pitch arms.

Motion sensors can be hidden away in the front bar of your motorised awning. Once the wind blows and the awning starts to move around, the sensor is activated and the awning will automatically close.

Wind sensors can be fitted near your motorised awning and will activate when they get continuous seconds of wind at the speed specified by the sensor. The Awning will then automatically close.

Fabric: The preferred fabric is Draylon, but Canvas, Vinyl or Mesh can be also used. (Please ask for advice.)

Gear Operated Straight Drop Blind

This is another method of winding up large blinds without visible ropes & pulleys, and is wound up and down with a crank handle. Fabric is rolled around a top tube with a fitted gear box then wound up using a crank handle.

The bottom rail is finished off with a sleek pocket to hide the bottom rail, or a powder coated rail as an optional extra.

This design is preferable for wide awnings and the method of operation makes it suitable for the elderly, being easier to wind the blind up and down.

Gear Operated Blind with Channel Guide has been successfully used up to 6m in width with certain fabrics. This type of blind has been used to enclose carports, verandahs and patios and is locked down with stainless steel pins and then tensioned via the gearbox. Motorised Channel Guide Blinds have been used to divide rooms, e.g. Home theatre areas or rumpus rooms.

Stainless Steel Wire Guides can also be added where the blind is lowered from top to bottom, being guided by stainless wires and fittings running vertically on either side of the blind. A head box is optional.

Motorised Drop Blinds are operated by remote control and can have a sun and wind sensor attached so they are completely automated. When the sun is shining on the area the blinds will roll down, and if there is enough wind (sensor is adjustable) the blinds will retract up fully.

This type of awning is also suitable when the walkway space beside a house or unit is narrow, eliminating the need for projecting arms.

Fabric … Available in Draylon, Canvas, Vinyl or Mesh, all with a 5 year guarantee against UV breakdown, or PVC Clear or Tint.

Twist Lock Channel Guide

A robust blind that will suit any style of house. The channels and brackets are powder coated to any standard colour to suit your decor and give a sleek and minimal effect.

Manually operated by twisting the bottom rail and locking the blind into the desired position. This blind can be stopped at any of the predetermined positions of the drop. The fabric is rolled around a galvanized top tube with a spring tensioning system that can be altered to your desired requirements. Best suited for smaller openings.

Fabric: Acrylic, Canvas, Vinyl, Mesh. Clear PVC can also be used.

Spring Roller

The Spring Roller awning has a top roller fixed within a weather box or brackets, with a 38mm bottom tube fixed in a pocket. It can be operated up and down by simply pulling on the bottom bar.

As this awning has a spring loaded roller, the blind is under tension so will roll up once unsecured. Saddles are attached to the bottom rail, and stops are attached to the structure on either side at the desired level for locking off.

Fabric … Acrylic, Canvas, Vinyl, Mesh. Clear PVC can also be used.

The most common cause for repairs is high winds and storms.

Always roll up awnings in high winds and storms.

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Automatic Roll-up – A robust awning to protect windows from heat and glare.

It can be pulled up and down to stop at any given point, and retract back up into a weather box. This awning is available with colour co-ordinated weather box, bottom rail & arms. Cloth and roller are fixed within the weather box. A wavy valance is standard; a straight valance is available upon request.

Weather Box if required is Colorbond or can be powder coated in any colour.

Fabric … Available in Acrylic, Canvas and Mesh, all with a 5 year Guarantee against UV and stitching breakdown.

Guides … Standard 316 marine grade stainless steel. These are screwed to your wall or posts to enable the arms to glide freely up and down.

Auto Arms … With UV treated black polymer end fittings. Projection of the arms can be: 150mm, 300mm, 450mm. Larger arms are available upon request.

Always roll up your awnings in high winds and storms.

Automatic Awnings form XL Security & Blinds


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