Crimsafe Emergency Escapes

Your security screens and doors shouldn’t stand between you and your family’s safety in an emergency situation. That’s why Crimsafe emergency escapes maintain security and still allow you to exit your home in a keyless fashion.

Since the quality of Crimsafe screens that keeps intruders from getting into your home will also make it nearly impossible for you to break out, Crimsafe invented the Safe-S-Cape range of products.

Emergency escapes are specially designed with a quick release bar that cannot be operated from the outside, yet can still be used by children or the elderley and in low visibility conditions should the need arise.

Safe-S-Capes are a keyless emergency exit product for window spaces. With a Safe-S-Cape from XL Screens and Awnings Gold Coast, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure from outside but you can still exit in seconds.

We can produce 4 types of Safe-S-Capes at our Gold Coast factory to suit your needs:

Single Sliding, or Servery Safe-S-Capes
Double or Triple-Sliding Safe-S-Capes
Hinged Safe-S-Capes
Inswing Safe-S-Capes

Crimsafe Emergency Exit Solutions

If you’re looking for an emergency exit security window, then Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Capes is a great option that not only provides excellent security but enables you to move through the window with great ease.

These can be sliding or hinged which allows them to be used on sliding, hinged and sash windows.

If you need to use the window to make a quick escape, there is a one touch release system that allows you to do just that.

Depending upon your needs and your current window fittings, our expert staff can recommend the best Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape for your home and custom make the screens for a perfect fit. For a FREE measure and quote why not call us on 07 5593 7900 or send us an enquiry online.


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