Gold Coast Theft Statistics – Security Screens could help!

At XL Screens and Awnings here on the Gold Coast, we take home and business security very seriously, because there is nothing more important than you and your family’s safety.

Of course, good quality screen doors and windows are a very important part of your security. But, home and business security starts before your would be thief or intruders even get that far.

Security Tip 1: Try To Avoid Looking Like A Good Target In The First Place

Now, avoiding looking like a target doesn’t mean making your home/business look bad! But, making it look like a place that is security conscious compared to other easier targets is always a good idea.

For example: Avoid leaving valuables/stock where they can be seen easily. Don’t leave the kid’s bikes on the front deck or yard and don’t leave packaging for expensive equipment or stock beside the bins.

Clearly mark if you property is monitored by a security company or has an alarm fitted and install sensor lights at all sides of the property. Sensor lights mean that people cannot get close at night without being illuminated.

If you are away from the home or office, have your mail stopped or collected by someone else and set a timer on the television or some lights so the area appears occupied whilst away.

Security Tip 2: If They Choose Your Home Or Business, Have The Basics In Place

If a potential thief decides to try his/her luck at your place then don’t make it easy for them! Having even basic security means it will take your thief time to try to get in and out. Thieves don’t like to hang around, because the longer they are there, the higher the chance they are caught. Basic security means:

Ensuring that all doors and windows are locked.

Not hiding a spare key in obvious places and ensuring spares are not leant to people you do not know well. The same goes for the codes to security systems. The quality of your locks or alarm does not matter if a thief can bypass those systems easily!

Remember: Most crimes are crimes of opportunity – so make the opportunity difficult!

Security Tip 3: Lock It Down With Security Screens And Security Doors!

Locked doors and windows are a starting point for security, but a determined thief can get past these obstacles. For example, a locked window can be smashed or a thin, single lock door can be kicked in at the weak points in the corners of the frame.

If you want to worry less about this, you should consider security doors and security screens. They can be made to fit the exact size you need and in a style and colour that suits the building so you can be secure and keep the style of your building.

Security doors and security screens from brands such as Crimsafe, Prowler Proof and Hard Core are constructed from high strength steel and/or aluminium with triple point locks. They are specifically constructed to withstand forces many times what any burglar can inflict on them and triple point locks mean the door cannot be kicked in at the corners.

Break-ins and theft are a constant threat to your home and business. Combine security screens and doors with these security tips from XL Screens and Awnings to protect your home and office from intruders. For further advice about home and office security, why not call XL Security & Blinds today on 07 5593 7900 for a FREE quote on security doors, screens and grilles or enquire online.





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