Crimsafe Window Security Screens

Crimsafe Window Screens & Emergency Exits

The great thing about window screens made by Crimsafe is that they come in many different sizes, shapes as well as configurations.

You can get them custom made to specific measurements so that they fit perfectly. They allow for perfect fits even if your window isn’t a perfect square, rectangle or other shape.

Crimsafe also has Safe-S-Capes which is a keyless emergency exit that can be placed on windows that are near to fire escape escapes or windows on the ground level of your property. These enable you to easily get into and out of your home in the event of an emergency but they also provide a great deal of security so you don’t have to worry about burglars or other intruders who may want to use them to get into your home.

This particular security screen can be made to fit triple, double or single sliding windows and they can be made to swing either inward or outward.

Crimsafe uses superior technology in all of its products and is made to be extremely strong and provide the best security.

Crimsafe’s window screens not only keep your home secure but they look great no matter if you live in an apartment, house, townhouse etc. They also provide a multitude of other benefits and these include:

  • Provides protection against insects
  • Fall protection
  • Prevents various debris from getting into your home during bad weather such as debris, hail etc.
  • Allows breeze and air to easily flow into and out of your home. This keeps your house a lot cooler during the summer months with reduces your AC bills

There are many ways that Crimsafe can be installed depending on the type of windows you have. This includes sliding windows, fixed windows, louvres, casement styled etc.

Fixed Screens

The Crimsafe fixed panels don’t move which can be fitted using an angled frame and reveal or face fitted. They can even be fitted inside of the fly screen track.

These type of screens are a great option in order to secure sash or louvre type windows once they are not a needed as an emergency exit.

Unfortunately, Safe-S-Cape exit can’t be used on fixed windows due to the lack of moving parts.

Hinged Screens

These Crimsafe window screens are hinged so that they can easily swing either inward or outward. The hinges are attached to the sides or top.

These are great for sliding windows with multiple panels, single hoppers, single windows, multiple hoppers, fixed or sliding windows, louvre windows, casement windows etc.

Sliding Screens

This type of Crimsafe window can be installed on triple sliding windows, double as well as single sliding windows.

The single sliding screens are a good fit for window fittings that are a bit tight and there aren’t any additional window tracks or any space to install another track. It can be used on windows that are used to serve where you need to have quick and easy access to the dining or entertaining area. There are two ways that the security screen can be installed. One is using a locking position so that the panels can slide to the right as well as left. The other is where the locking position is on the jamps so that sliding can occur on the other side.

Triple and double sliding screens are when three are 2 or 3 panels that slide upon 2 set tracks. When the overlapping occurs, then this results in reinforcement so that the created barrier is very strong and highly secured. These can be fitted on the outside or even the inside of the windows.

Crimsafe Emergency Exit Solutions

If you’re looking for an emergency exit security window, then Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Capes is a great option that not only provides excellent security but enables you to move through the window with great ease.

These can be sliding or hinged which allows them to be used on sliding, hinged and sash windows.

If you need to use the window to make a quick escape, there is a one touch release system that allows you to do just that.





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