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Crimsafe Security Screen Maintenance, What You Need To Know

Taking care of your security screen is a must to keep it in good shape year-round. The Tensile-Tuff stainless steel mesh is made to withstand constant pressure and corrosion, it should still be maintained by following a set of cleaning steps.

Even the best mesh in the world can start to develop impurities over time. This debris will take a toll on the security screen’s performance and appearance.

How Dirt Becomes a Problem

The mesh is made of 304 Grade stainless steel, which means it can last for over six decades. The mesh is also coated with a top-tier durability powder to add to its lifespan.

The powder is designed to be fade-resistant, which adds to the product’s appeal. This pre-treatment has to be protected at all costs so the mesh doesn’t begin rusting. If not, it is going to take away from the security screen’s lifespan.

Since the average security screen is going to be exposed to the natural elements outside, it is important to understand protecting them is a must.

One of the biggest troublemakers when it comes to the Crimsafe Mesh Security Screen would be moisture and/or salt. These two issues can start to create reddish/whitish marks on the surface of the security screen. This can also start to impact how it ages and how it looks.

For those who are trying to improve the look for their security screen and want to ensure it ages well, the goal should be to reach out to Crimsafe. The technician will take the time to offer a comprehensive solution that will help maintain the screen as it ages.

Tips for Maintaining a Security Screen

There are specific tips that are going to play a role in managing your security screen and the underlying pre-treatment powder. You will also want to focus on any contaminants that have started spreading on the screen as time has passed by. This is a key investment and it has to be kept in good shape or you are going to see it break down after a while. If you don’t follow the steps listed here, you are not going to see it age well. Each situation is going to vary, which means you will have to follow a set schedule for how often the security screen is cleaned.

If you want to maximise the Crimsafe Mesh Security Screen, you will want to rinse the frames and mesh during the routine. You will want to use a high-quality wax during the process and you can find this at Crimsafe or any other store that sells car waxes. Either option is fine.

When it is time to start cleaning the surface, you are going to use a non-abrasive brush. You will wipe the surface with a soft cloth and then remove the water. For those using a solvent-based cleaner, you should avoid doing so as it will ruin the protective powder.

For those with more questions about keeping the security screen in good shape throughout the year, feel free to call XL Security & Blinds for more information. We will be more than happy to help.


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