Testing by UNSW@ADFA Proves Crimsafe’s® Strength

We know that Crimsafe Security Screens and Doors are a great security solution that offers high performance and reliabilty but we needed to prove it! How? Crimsafe had the University of New South Wales’ School of Aerospace and Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the Australian Defence Force Academy design a series of rigorous scientific tests to determine exactly how much force Crimsafe® screens can resist before breaking. We also wanted to know what some of the competition was made of, so we tested stainless steel security screens bought directly from 9 leading competitors to put through their paces as well.

Watch how they perform and then see how they look! Check out our Crimsafe Security Doors and Crimsafe Security Screens available here on the Gold Coast – or Click here to see the latest Crimsafe Residential brochure!

We put them through what an intruder would put your screens through, and then some, so you know just how good Crimsafe is. See some of our tests below, they may surprise you.

The Dynamic Impact Test

The Dynamic Impact Test simulates the effects of a human impact against a security screen door or window grille by allowing a standardised weight to swing against the test specimen 5 times. Each impact is about 100 joules of energy. That’s roughly the impact force imparted by a child stumbling into a glass door and in fact, the test was originally designed for the glazing industry so they could make glass that didn’t shatter upon a small impact.

The Dynamic Impact Test – Other screens fail the standards that we exceed!

Crimsafe® Residential screen withstood up to 500 joules of impact energy. That’s twice as good as any competing screen and 5 times the impact level the current Australian standard requires.

The video above shows a Crimsafe Commercial screen doing what it does best, protecting your home or business by withstanding 1200 joules of impact energy! That’s 12 times greater than the impact level of the Australian standard and nearly 5 times more force than any competing screen can withstand. Watch the video above with the sound up and you’ll get a good sense of just how heavy an impact of 1200 joules is!
Would you like these fantastic products in your home, protecting your family? You can find out more about Crimsafe security doors or Crimsafe security screens right now.


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