Crimsafe Window Security Screens

Crimsafe Window Screens & Emergency Exits

The great thing about window screens made by Crimsafe is that they come in many different sizes, shapes as well as configurations. You can get them custom made to specific measurements so that they fit perfectly. They allow for perfect fits even if your window isn’t a perfect square, rectangle

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Benefits of Outdoor Enclosures for your Home

Outdoor enclosures are an ideal way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, they allow natural light in, and they keep the bugs out. Outdoor enclosures also help to increase the value of your home and can add more useable outdoor space to your living area. There are many

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How Crimsafe Security Screens Make the Perfect Summer

Installing security screens in your home is the best way to ensure an enjoyable summer experience. They have numerous benefits that you can’t ignore. For instance, they ensure proper airflow, reduction of heat during the hot summer sun, proper air circulation and keeping out the bugs thereby allowing you to

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